30 Affirmations a mom can say before she goes to sleep

30 Affirmations a mom can say before she goes to sleep

Affirmations are positive statements you can say to yourself as often as you need to help you get rid of having self-sabotaging thoughts. The more you say these positive affirmations it can help train your brain to think more positively about yourself and your life. Before you go to bed at night you can take a moment to reflect about your day and once you have put your little ones down for rest you can say these positive statements to yourself to uplift you for a new way day.

  1. I did my best today and I can let go of all thoughts from today
  2. I can give myself permission to now do nothing but get some rest
  3. Tomorrow is full of new possibilities
  4. All the moments I had with my kids were precious and I am grateful for all of them
  5. When I allow myself to get rest, I am a better me for my family
  6. I look forward to relaxing my body and quieting my mind
  7. I have so much to be thankful for
  8. I am worthy of love and my kids love me
  9. I breathe in a calm state of mind, and I exhale any stress and any worries
  10. When I lay down for rest I am now in my happy place
  11. I have strong faith in myself as a mom
  12. Any mistakes I may have made today do not define me, I am learning and growing everyday
  13. I deserve to care for myself and do things that make me happy
  14. It is okay that I don’t know everything, I will make a way
  15. I make my children feel loved and happy
  16. I am constantly improving myself as a person and a mother
  17. I will not focus on things that I have no control over
  18. I am grateful for my body, and it deserves to recharge with a good night’s rest
  19. Whatever does not serve me will not come with me into tomorrow
  20. My journey with motherhood is unfolding just as it should
  21. Choosing rest is choosing myself
  22. I am exactly who my kids need me to be
  23. I can feel calm and at ease now that the day is done
  24. I have the power over all my thoughts and emotions
  25. Peace is a priority for me
  26. My bedroom is my sanctuary
  27. My heart is relaxed and grateful
  28. I can focus on my breathing and breathe in only positive energy
  29. I am safe, I am loved, I am strong
  30. I will relax every part of my body and allow myself to sleep because sleep is a priority for me

When you get the chance to lay down take in a few deep breathes with long exhales, relax your muscles and all your body, and try to let in relaxation as much as possible. Empty your racing mind with any thoughts about the day you had, or the day coming and just focus on the present moment. Embrace the relaxation that is coming to you and start to say some of these affirmations out loud. When you start to say them believe each word.

Affirmations only work if you believe them and believe that you are worthy of each statement you are saying. You can say as many of these as you need as often as you need every night, and you should start to feel a difference in the way that you see your days. Its going to give you a better sense of gratitude and a positive mindset for the start of your next day.

Being a mom can sometimes feel like a lot of work and can get overwhelming with all the tasks you have to do and all the needs you must fulfill and that is why it is important to find a time of day to just be still. Find a moment to stop running around too much or letting your mind wander to much and just appreciate peace and quiet. Find time in your day to just focus on you and bring attention to your thoughts. If your thoughts are negative use this time to re direct your energy and change those negative thoughts around. You don’t only have to use affirmations when you first wake up or when you go to sleep you can use any affirmations that work best for you any time of day when you have a moment to yourself.

Enjoy this new process of working on controlling your thoughts and know that it is okay to rest and get your sleep so you will be all you need to be for you and your little ones. Sleep well mama!

30 Affirmations A Mom Can Say When She Wakes Up

30 Affirmations A Mom Can Say When She Wakes Up

Affirmations are positive statements that you write down or say out loud as often as you need to get you out of the habit of negative talk, self-sabotaging, and negative thinking. Once you think about the different thoughts you have been having, you can change the negative thoughts by simply changing the way you speak and feel about them. As a mom it can get very easy to put yourself down or constantly wonder if you are doing enough for your little ones and it’s easy to fall into a habit of speaking negatively of yourself even when you are doing an amazing job. I wanted to share a list of 30 affirmations you can say to yourself in the morning when you wake up to get your day started with a positive attitude filled with gratitude and confidence.

 Affirmations a mom can say when she wakes up

Health and well being   

1. I deserve the peaceful rest I had last night, and I will aim to have a peaceful rest tonight.

2. I will eat healthy meals today that nourish my body and give me energy.

3. I am thankful I woke up this morning.

4. I am grateful for my life.

5. I will take a break if I need it because I deserve to rest.

6. I will ask for help if I need it because I don’t always have to do it myself.

7. Today I will drink enough water.

Tasks for the day

8. I am doing enough.

9. I will not do more than I can handle.

10. I can make mistakes.

11. I welcome change into my schedule if it needs to happen.

12. I am happy to learn new things.


13. I deserve to take care of my body.

14. I am proud of my body.

15. I deserve time to myself.

16. I will love myself as much as I love my family.

17. I will nurture myself as much as I nurture my family.

18. I deserve to do nice things for my self.

Happy thoughts

19. I am so happy to be a mom.

20. I choose happiness.

21. Being a mom makes me feel fulfilled.

22. I deserve to feel happy every day.

23. I am worthy of all things good.

Mom thoughts of the day

24. I am an amazing mom.

25. I am doing the best I can, and my kids are happy because of it.

26. My family loves me just the way I am, and I am exactly what they need.

27. I can love being a mom and still need to take a moment for myself.

28. I do not need to compare myself to other moms.

29. I will trust my maternal intuition.

30. I will become more confident in my mothering each day.