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Hello Bloomers

Hi, My name is Morey and I have two beautiful children, Marley and Hakeem. I host a podcast called Just bloom podcast where I post encouraging episodes and affirmations for women every week but now that I am a mom I wanted to create a space where I could express my mom thoughts with other moms, share my mom journey and remind mom’s to keep blooming!

While you’re scrolling let me remind you that you are doing a great job, I know it’s not easy but being a mom is the best job you will ever have.

keep blooming mama

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Why just bloom moms blog?

Like many new moms I joined a ton of mom groups to help me learn new tips and connect with women going through similar mom journeys and I thought that was enough for me, but one day I was chatting in a mom group about feeling overwhelmed and I started to cry. I realized after becoming a mom during a pandemic I had been so focused on being strong, trying to protect my baby from the world and learning how to be a work from home mom that I wasn’t expressing myself enough and really acknowledging all the weight I had been carrying. After seeing that other women are dealing with a lot of the same struggles I immediately felt a push to share my story and a want to continue to connect with and encourage other moms while I encourage myself. Let’s do this together!

Reach out, I’ll be there