Poem about Grief and loss

Poem about Grief and loss

I love you grandma and auntie

Grief…. A pain

With no wounds on the outside

A hurt we can only see in sad eyes

Tears flowed till they ran dry

Now I’m left with an eternal cry

With tears now gone, I have no signal to the outside

That I am drowning on the inside

Breathing normal but my beats are skipping

No one can see that my heart is ripping

Feeling alone but I’m surrounded

My mind keeps drifting, I can’t stay grounded

Guess I’ll stay here for a while

Imagining your smile

I can feel your hugs and your warmth around me

Millions of people down here yet you’ve found me

I’ll stay in my thoughts as long as I need

Pretending I’m present since no one can see

Looks like I’m here but I’m with grief…

If you have lost someone you love while pregnant or during your journey of motherhood, please know that are not alone. You are allowed to feel sadness, loneliness, pain, anger, and any emotion that comes with your grief and still be a great mother to your babies. Allow yourself to be human even when it feels like you must be a superhero. Grief can feel very lonely so try to make sure you have a good support system or at least one person you can talk to when your to overwhelmed. You’re doing a great job, take one day at a time and everything is going to be okay. You got this mama!