15 black children’s books for black girls

15 black children’s books for black girls

The moment I knew I was having my daughter one thing I got really excited about was starting her book collection. I knew I wanted her to have a ton of books that would inspire her and encourage her with pictures of kids that looked just like her. I knew I wanted her to have a collection of books about the amazing black women and men who came before her to teach her about her history and black history in general. The self-esteem and self confidence of our beautiful children is so important, and we should start working on it even when they are just tiny humans. Here is a list of our favorite books that helped jump start our daughters book collection for black children.

1. I Am Enough

Celebrates self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth. A message so simply put but very important for our children to know early.

2. Ambitious Girl

Inspires young people to keep going even when they are being underestimated. It helps your child see put downs or untrue opinions by others as motivation instead of making them want to quit.

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3. I Promise

Inspires youth to make promises to themselves and work hard to keep them. It really highlights the value of working hard in school to help kids achieve their dreams.

4. Your Name Is A Song

Teaches your child to not be discouraged or feel bad about their name and talks about the history and beauty behind names.

5. Follow Your Dreams Little One

Teaches stories about some of the black men in history who achieved amazing things that made history.

6. When God Made You

Teaches children that they are just the way are for a reason. Inspires youth to accept everything about themselves because God made them perfect just, the way they are.

7. Brilliant Brown Babies

Highlights how amazing and beautiful it is to be a child of color.

8. I Celebrate My Skin

Teaches kids about celebrating the unique differences they have as they grow to love their individual identity.

9. Sulwe

Teaches brown skin girls to love their complexion, not compare themselves and to be proud of their beautiful tones.

10. Change Sings

Teaches your child that they can change the world and themselves for the better.

11. Pretty Melanin Me

Teaches young girls that they don’t have to follow what anyone thinks they should look like and to embrace their melanin.

12. Little Leaders

Shares stories about black women who made history giving your daughter women that she can look at as role models and inspiration. Shows your daughter that whatever dream she has it can be reached.

13. The ABC’S Of Black History

A book that uses the alphabet to share a beautiful journey through black history.

14. Happy To Be Nappy

A book that encourages girls of color to embrace their hair texture. Shows that you should be happy about your texture and happy to show it off.

15. I Am A Force Of Nature

Encourages children to enjoy exploring everything around them and uses the beauty and playfulness of nature to show they have those same qualities within themselves.

These are just a few books to add to your beautiful brown girls book collection and the way they highlight self-acceptance and being proud of differences can really help to change how a child takes how others may treat them about their identity. My hope is that reading these books with my daughter will give her a tougher skin because she will be so proud of who she is and what she knows she can become. So proud that she will share her knowledge about what she learns on these pages with her peers with confidence.

So happy more people like you are learning the importance of teaching our children about diversity and self-love while they are young so they can grow up knowing that despite their differences they can achieve whatever they wish.

Enjoy reading with your little ones!

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