44 Affirmations for kids

44 Affirmations for kids

44 Affirmations for kids

Affirmations are positive statements you to say yourself any time of day to change any negative self-talk or self-sabotage that you may be doing. Affirmations have changed my life and have really helped me to believe in myself and my capabilities and now that I am a mommy, I want to use them to boost the self confidence of my children as well. Just the way adults deal with challenges about our self-identity and self-doubts, children do too and could also use affirmations to give them the boost they need to succeed and conquer their worries or fears. I wanted to share a list of affirmations that I will teach my children to help them on their journeys.

  1. I am loved and cared for
  2. I am smart and have amazing abilities
  3. I am safe and protected
  4. I am allowed to have big dreams
  5. I will get better at whatever I put in work for every single day
  6. I am a leader
  7. I will choose my own attitude
  8. I am brave and strong
  9. I am important
  10. I am unique
  11. I will always believe in myself
  12. I will always respect myself
  13. I will work hard
  14. I am a positive light
  15. I am unstoppable when I do my best
  16. I am equal to my peers
  17. I am a good person
  18. I will find solutions to my problems and If I can’t, I will ask for help
  19. I will learn from my mistakes
  20. I will always love my self
  21. I will always work to be better
  22. I am well mannered
  23. I am generous
  24. I am empathetic 
  25. I have a good heart
  26. I will have a bright future
  27. I am enough
  28. I can do things that seem hard
  29. I belong on this world
  30. I am resilient
  31. I am in control of my life
  32. I can achieve any goals I set
  33. I can control my mood and my reactions
  34. I am grateful for my life
  35. I can stand up for myself
  36. I can stand up for what is right
  37. I can respect the opinions of other people
  38. I am worthy
  39. I am powerful
  40. I will speak kindly
  41. I will practice getting better if I need to
  42. I am thankful for everything that I have
  43. I can make a difference
  44. I am perfect just the way I am

Having a list of affirmations like this is going to be so helpful to motivate and encourage my children to be great and believe in themselves. Any challenges they face I want them to know that they can still speak positively about them selves and overcome any obstacles that come their way. We will make it routine to speak positively about our selves every day out loud at least once a day. They can express any troubles, fears, or worries they may have, and we will go over this list together so that they can speak it out loud and learn to believe every single positive word on this page.

When choosing to use affirmations the most important part of it is believing what you are saying. If I can get my children to believe these things about themselves it can help them have the confidence, they need to succeed at anything and go out into the world as good human beings.

That is the goal for me to raise amazing children who believe in their abilities and will live as good examples to help encourage others around them to feel the same as well.

Use this list as often as you need with your children as well, we got this mama we will raise incredible humans!

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