The best educational toys for toddlers

The best educational toys for toddlers

Buying toys for my almost 2-year-old daughter Marley is one of my favorite things to do. Playtime is just so fun watching her explore different items and learn her colors, shapes, and alphabets. Her toys have been starting to take up some major space in her playroom so the last time I bought her toys I decided I only wanted to purchase educational items. I wanted to get her toys that would encourage her to learn as much as possible so she could play but also be working on her developmental and educational skills as well. Here is a list of toys that she loves to learn with and items that I love watching her show me all she can do with.

1. Fisher- Price laugh & learn smart stages piggy bank

This piggy bank toy comes with these colorful coins that your toddlers can put into the slot and open the door to get them out at as often as they like. It encourages them by counting the coin and even has an option to learn something new and learn Spanish numbers. The coins being in different colors helps because I can ask my daughter what color the coin is and what number coin we are at when placing them in the pig. She doesn’t understand the concept of money yet, but she enjoys placing the coins in the piggy.

2. Melissa & Doug K’s Kids – Teddy wear stuffed bear

This is not just any teddy bear it has so many opportunities for learning. The first day my daughter played with it she learned how to use a zipper and started unzipping all of her things. It has different colors and shapes for learning. You can encourage them to play with the shoe laces and learn how to button. It is perfect for sensory skills and perfect to bring along in the car to keep your little one entertained. I love that its quiet but has a lot going on to keep their focus.

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3. Melissa & Doug K’s Kids Take – Along shape sorter

This is the perfect introduction to shapes. To get the shapes back into the bag when it is zipped your toddler must make the shapes fit inside the openings. This helps them to catch on quickly where the shapes should go. My daughter loves how she can carry it from room to room and show you what new shape she knows. The shapes are also colorful so you can sit with them and teach them colors and shapes at the same time. My daughter’s favorite shapes are the heart and the star.

4. Prextex Find and Match Number Matching Easter Eggs

This is such a fun way to learn numbers the parts don’t fit together unless your toddler has the matching number. The eggs also have colors inside so you can teach both. This is more of a sit down together toy, but your toddler will enjoy the interaction and try to fit together as many as they can.

5. TETOY Baby Toy Zoo Series Alphabet Cards

This bag of flash cards is so fun it has letters, animals fun colors and a bag that closes to keep the cards in so they don’t get lost. I like to lay them out and name animals for my daughter to find. She loves finding the animals and telling me what sounds they make. The material is perfect because they cant rip them like paper flash cards.

6. Nontoxic Fabric Soft Baby Cloth books

These are so loved in our house we have bought it twice and like to get them as gifts for new parents. Your toddler will enjoy the crinkly noise the books make and the fact that they can also read them at bath time. They have fun themes and colors and can be taken anywhere on the go. They have so many pictures and fun things for your toddler to point out and learn. If you are working on trying to get them to say more words these are very helpful with that.

7. Quiet Book

This book is perfect for in the car or when your visiting someone and want to keep them entertained quietly. It has pages inside that help them with their motor skills and keeps their minds and fingers busy. It zips closed and can be carried anywhere. My daughter loves all the pages and I love that I don’t have to hear songs or anything over and over when she plays with it.

8. Sesame Street On the Go Letters & Numbers

My daughter loves Sesame Street, she loves Elmo and Cookie monster, so this is one of her favorite toys. The two cases open and one has letters, and one has numbers they also have a lot of the Sesame street characters. This is a great toy to sit down with them and have them place the letters or numbers in one by one. Your toddler will enjoy seeing the familiar faces if they like watching Sesame Street.

9.Wellchild Magnetic Drawing Board

This board is perfect for encouraging your little one to draw anything new they have learned. We also like to draw a shape or picture and see if she can copy it. What I love about these are they make no mess. They don’t have to use the small parts yet if they are too small, but you can guide their hands and have fun with drawing. My daughter loves seeing the different colors show up on the board.

10. Magifire Wooden Toddler Puzzles

These puzzles are fun simple puzzles to help introduce your toddler to puzzles. They will enjoy telling you what they are trying to put together. They don’t have many pieces, so they are easy to clean up. They are bright and colorful and help to encourage them to learn. My daughter’s favorites ones are the bee, butterfly, and turtle.

My daughter has all these toys, and they all help her to learn different things. It is so fun to watch her learn. It is like every day she has learned so much new stuff and is so excited to show us what she can do. Buying toys that encourage learning has been so rewarding for both us parents and our toddler. I knew I wanted to start out with letters, numbers, colors, and alphabet because it seemed like she was picking up on it already and I wanted her to have fun with it. I want learning and exploring to be fun for my kids. I want them to enjoy all the bright colors and learning songs.

Have fun with it yourself too this is such a huge time for them in their lives as they grow and learn so they can become whatever they want to be in the world.

7 thoughts on “The best educational toys for toddlers

  1. Such a great list. I prefer toys which are good for their development as well. My daughter loves puzzles and since she was 1 year, she loved to “write” so far she could😄

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  2. These are wonderful toys and activities for two-year-olds! My daughter loves puzzles. We had those wooden puzzles when my daughter was two. We also have so many of the Melissa and Doug toys, which are great!

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