Finding out you’re having a second child

Finding out you’re having a second child

You’re feeling a little sick and running to the bathroom every few minutes what is going on? You grab a pregnancy test just for the heck of it and wow it reads your pregnant! Yep, that’s my story! I was not planning to have baby number two so soon and honestly wasn’t completely sure if I wanted more kids at all and then this amazing message reads across the screen saying I’m pregnant, and just like that with a toddler almost two years old running around another one is now baking in the oven. I was excited but after a few days it hit me like woah I am really going to be a mommy of two.

 My nerves started to go insane, and the over thinking started to set in. My beautiful toddler Marley has me chasing her all over the house, starting tantrums and ripping off her diaper and running every chance she gets. I would sit and think how I am going to do this I am already tired and exhausted sometimes just chasing her around. How am I going to make a routine that works, I am still trying to figure out this one with sleep regressions and molars coming in. I honestly felt nervous and just hopeful that I would do a good job in such a huge transition with our little family.

As weeks went on, I feel like something in me just clicked and said hey you got this! I think time is the only thing that really helps to settle your mind because the baby is coming no matter what. I went to my first appointment saw the sonogram and heard the heartbeat and that was the motivation I needed. This baby is going to need me to figure it out and things won’t have to be perfect because they are going to love me regardless. Once you realize that things become much easier, and you allow the process to just flow.

Don’t get me wrong there were some nights where I would stare at my baby girl and think things like was it to soon? Am I taking away my bonding time with her to early? Isn’t she going to miss it being just us? Will she like being a big sister? Will I be able to divide my time equally between her and her sibling? Will the new baby feel all the love and affection that my first baby got? And more questions that would just fill my head repeatedly. Though these were all valid questions I knew that I would have to acknowledge those feelings early and plan to make sure I do my best to help her and me with this transition.

Its okay to have those thoughts and its okay to worry but we must know that we have plenty of love to go around and somehow us moms can always make it happen. I have been telling Marley that there is a baby in my belly, and she has been super excited about it. She comes over and kisses or rubs my belly and if we ask her where her sibling is she will come over and hug my stomach. I think she will be a great big sister and I think just telling them ahead of time is helpful even if it feels like they don’t fully understand. I also bought her a baby doll to take care of herself so she can understand to be gentle with babies. I think as I take care of her sibling sometimes, I will encourage her to take care of her baby too, to give her something to do and to help her to not feel left out. It appears as a mom we will think of things that are going to work best for us, our schedule, and our family, that’s just what we do. Don’t be to hard on yourself about any of it our babies will feel the love and that’s all that matters.

So, if you’re just finding out your having baby number two embrace the news, embrace the journey of your pregnancy, don’t over think it and everything is going to work out just as it needs to. The same way you were probably terrified when you brought your first little one home from the hospital and you handled it, figured things out and got through it you’re going to do the same thing this time around and now your more experienced and more prepared than you think. Congratulations on baby number two you’re going to do great and seeing your two babies love each other is going to be such a reward for you.  

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