What moms can do this fall with their kids

What moms can do this fall with their kids

Fall is here and it is truly one of my favorite seasons of the year. I love the weather change, the colorful leaves, and the smell of pumpkin spice in the air. Now that I have children, I want to get them on board with me with enjoying the seasons changing and looking forward to the different activities we can do together each season. I have a list of activities I plan to do with my little ones this fall and wanted to share to get you all in the fall spirit as well.

Fall paper crafts

My 2-year-old daughter Marley and I have already started our fall crafts and she is loving every bit of it. At first, I wasn’t sure how many crafts we could do together with her being so young, but these little people can really surprise you once you give them the opportunity to be creative. She has been asking me almost every day to do a new fall craft and honestly it doesn’t take much as long you have construction paper, glue, crayons, scissors, paint random items around the house like paper plates and toilet tissue rolls and you can get as creative as you wish together. If you need inspiration head over to any social media app and look for fun ideas to do together.

Go on a leaf hunt

The weather will start to get a little chillier but bundle up the kiddies and head outside for a leaf hunt. Get a basket or something to hold the leaves in and let your kids have fun collecting all the pretty colors they see. They will enjoy picking out their favorite leaves and collecting them.

Use fall leaves for crafts

If you decide to go out and collect some leaves you can use the leaves in different fall crafts by gluing them or stringing them onto different ideas. The kids will enjoy seeing the leaves they picked out displayed different ways and hanging them up will add to your fall home décor.

Jump in a pile of leaves

A very simple but fun thing to do for kids that they seem to love so much is raking the leaves together and letting them jump inside. They will love the sound the leaves make and enjoy throwing all the leaves up in the air. It’s a fun way to let them run out some energy and make a mess that you won’t have to immediately clean up.

Go apple picking

Living in upstate NY does have its perks when fall comes around because we have apple orchards to visit, if you don’t have one very close make a mini trip or adventure out of it. The kids will enjoy picking out their own apples and trying all the different flavors. The orchards also have delicious treats like apple donuts and fresh apple cider for your whole family to enjoy.

Go to a pumpkin patch

Visiting a pumpkin patch will be so much fun for the kiddies and really the whole family. You guys can pick out your favorite pumpkins and enjoy all the fun activities they will have to offer. They usually have hayrides, corn mazes and little games for the kids.

Bake fall treats

I must be honest my most favorite thing about fall is all the delicious fall themed treats. All the apple flavor, pumpkin flavor, cinnamon, and ginger it just makes me so happy. If you pick apples or pumpkins or even just purchase them from your local grocery store you can have a lot of fun baking treats with and for your kids. Social media has so many ideas to get creative with it. You can include them in on the decorating, like decorating pies, candy apples, cookies, smores and brownies and then sit down and eat your fun creations together.

Decorate pumpkins

Once you have your favorite pumpkins that you have picked either from the store or the pumpkin patch you and the kids can add silly faces or paint them and just be as creative as you wish with your pumpkins.  You can also carve them into all different shapes and characters.

Make fall themed sensory items

Sensory items are a great way to help your child explore with sorting, touching, shaking, pouring and it helps them with their motor skills. Parents have been getting very creative with sensory play and you can even make it themed to whatever you like. Grabbing different items that remind you of fall and adding them to bins or bottles for them to learn and play with will be fun and help keep them entertained for a little while.

Rent a cabin

Finding a beautiful scenic cabin for your family during the fall time will be a nice way to get away, spend quality time together and enjoy some games, movie nights and fun fall foods.

Go Camping

Honestly camping is not my thing, but tents are. I love a good tent, so I plan to have camping themed nights right in the middle of my living room or on my back porch. During summer my daughter and I loved hanging out in our tent right in our back yard during the day. If you love to camp fall is an amazing time of the year to sit around a big fire, make smores and enjoy time with your kids and family.

Go on a scavenger hunt

The windy days of fall tend to push a lot of nature items all over the yards, take your little ones outside to hunt for pinecones, twigs, leaves, worms, watch birdies really whatever your littles are into!

Go fall shopping

Shopping for fall is one of my favorites because of all the layers there’s beanies, scarves, boots, booties, jackets, just so many options. It is one of the best times of year to me to get creative with layers and have fun matching all the colors. You get to purchase items that can transition to winter as well so you get double the seasonal shopping and more excuse to purchase things.

Hopefully this list gets you into the fall spirit and has you pumped to enjoy activities with your little ones this season! Have fun, tap into your creative side, make memories that will last and have a great fall!

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