My top 10 teething items for babies and toddlers

My top 10 teething items for babies and toddlers

The teething stage can be so tough when your little one is screaming, irritable, in a ton of pain and frustrated with everything. They can get so fussy and cranky, and it can feel like a battle you just can’t win sometimes. I would feel so bad for my baby girl when she was so upset so I would look for every teething item or teething hack for pain that I could. Some of them did end up working better than others so here is a list of teething items that worked best for us.

1. Nuby Ice Gel Teether

This teether your able to put it in the fridge to cool your babies’ gums when they chew on it, they also enjoy playing with the colorful keys. You can cool it as often as you like to help with relief all day.

2. Mombella Mushroom

The great part about this teether is it can stick to flat surfaces like their highchair so they can play with it and chew it while it’s not falling all over. You can also stick little snacks in it if you flip it over to use it as a small snack holder.

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3. Baby bandana drool bibs

These bandana bibs are so helpful because your little one may drool a lot when they are teething, so this catches the drool without ruining their clothes and they are able to chew on it whenever they feel the need. They have many different patterns and colors so they can teethe in style.

4. Baby teething toys

These fun fruit shapes are fun to help your little one learn colors and fruits and one of the items in this package you can freeze fruit and put it inside to help soothe their gums. It also comes with a mini toothbrush to massage. With a package like this your able to get a few options to try out right away. Marley loved the giraffe even though I’m sure she thought it was a dinosaur for a while.

5. Razberry teether

Your little one might really enjoy the texture on this one while also giving them a similar feel to a pacifier.

6. Nuby Silicone Teethe-eez

This teether can be placed in the fridge and has this bristle part on top that your baby may enjoy against their gums.

7. Happy baby Food teethers

These little crackers dissolve very easy but have a crunch that allows baby to take their time with them and work their gums. They come in a few different flavors they can try as well.

8. Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Baby Activity and Teething Toy 

This brand has a few different fun animals with exciting activities and different parts that the little ones can chew on. You can hang them on their stroller and let them take them anywhere.

9. Itzy Ritzy Silicone Teething Mitt

You can put this on their hands to help distract them from nibbling on their fingers and can place it in the fridge to cool it a bit too.

10. NatureBond Baby Food Feeder/Fruit Feeder Pacifier

This is a nice way to introduce your baby to solids and give them fruits. They can have fun nibbling on the snacks inside while massaging their aching teeth.

When it comes to the teething phase it just takes a lot of patience and understanding that your baby is going to have their own unique ways for relief that work for them. You just being there for support and helping with soothing is so helpful for them. There may be some days where you are up all night trying to console them when they have a molar coming in and you will be trying everything possible to help. I know its hard to see them so upset and you don’t need to purchase every single teething item in the world but trying out a few different ones will help you to have options when they are under that kind of stress.

These items worked for my daughter and with the new baby on the way I will of course try these for them too but I know that their teething journey will be different because all babies are different. When it comes to the teething phase no matter how tough it can be always remind yourself that they wont be teething forever and that once they have more and more teeth they will be able to enjoy a lot more new foods. Its all apart of growing up for them and they are going to be okay because they have you to get them through it.

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