Bring on the mom jeans

Bring on the mom jeans

Bring on the mom jeans

Now that I am a going to be a mommy of two, I have been thinking a little bit about my wardrobe and how comfort has been a bit more important to me than style lately since I spend most of my time working from home or at the grocery store. I have always been into style and fashion I also was a visual merchandiser for a few years for a big retailer. I’ve been seeing a lot of people talk about mom jeans lately and I must say I am not opposed to them, and I think they are making a comeback.

I’m at the halfway mark in my pregnancy and regular skinny jeans are just not making the cut for me lately. I find myself searching for leggings and then I need over sized shirts or sweaters to go with those leggings or I have long legs, so I need high boots to fit the leggings into and honestly, it’s a lot to think about when your little one is pushing on your pelvic and your other little one is running around the house while you are trying to get them dressed and ready. I don’t really shop for myself much anymore because shopping for my daughter is just much more fun, but I am ready to take a me day and get myself a few pairs of jeans to wear this winter for when I do leave the house. I wanted to share a few of the best mom jeans to help you feel comfy but cute!

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5 Stylish mom jeans


A classic blue denim jean with a loose feel is on my top choice and I would wear these pretty much anywhere with one of my favorite blouses or graphic tees.


This style of mom jean I would wear to the park or to the laundry. Somewhere more casual so I can enjoy the wiggle room. It’s unbelievable how much lifting and bending a mom can do in a day.


I don’t wear high waist when I am pregnant obviously but it is my favorite to wear after I have a baby so I will wear them after my second baby as well. The high waist fit helps to smooth out whatever I have going on when I am healing and shrinking back down to my size, and it helps me feel more confident when stepping out to meet up with family or friends.


Being a mom can sometimes be a messy job when you are constantly picking up spilled drinks, knocked over food or being spit up on so a dark pair of denim does come in handy so that if any mess ups do happen it’s not as noticeable and easier to clean off as opposed to the lighter wash jeans.


My final mom jean has a little bit more of a skinny bottom to fit into your boots or booties but can also be cuffed to wear with your sneakers or flats as well. I really enjoy a classic jean that can really be paired with anything and warn day or night. Thinking too much about your wardrobe can get overwhelming when you’re not the only one you have to worry about getting dressed.

No matter what you choose to wear be confident, being a mom is one of the hardest jobs. You should feel good doing it.

I gave birth to Marley in March right when the weather was starting to warm up a little bit and I was worried about how my new mom body would look in the current wardrobe that I had. I had even bought a few loose fitted blouses to wear when I thought I would be heading back to work to help me feel a bit more confident. Due to the pandemic, I never went back into the office and didn’t feel the need to wear the blouses I had picked out, so I ended up getting a few over sized graphic tees to wear with my jeans or biker shorts. When I wasn’t wearing that I had on loose fitted pajama sets and long pajama shorts, anything that felt comfy and cozy. After a few months of caring for Marley, I did look in the mirror and think about how I missed the woman who would get up for work every day and wear the cute outfits and cute jeans. It made me sad for a little while but eventually I learned to accept that comfort was going to be important for me when working from home and taking care of Marley. When I would get those thoughts, I would dress up just to go run my errands and go to the grocery store because it felt nice to feel and look like me again. I still do that now and I love it. I don’t get super dolled up, but I do my makeup and hair and pick out my favorite tops and jeans.

Its okay to want to look good and feel confident even when we are giving so much of ourselves to our family and our little humans. Wear whatever make you happy, whatever makes you feel confident and be proud of it. You may not be the exact same you that you were before you became a mommy, but you are still you so have fun with your wardrobe, grab you a pair of mom jeans if you have been thinking about it and enjoy this part of mommy hood. You earned your mom jeans and you’re going to look great in them!

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